Dear Members,

The SOGC and APOG are pleased to announce that the motion to support an alliance between APOG and the SOGC received unanimous approval by members of both organizations during their respective member meetings at the recent Annual Clinical & Scientific Conference (ACSC) in Ottawa.

Both organizations believe the alliance will provide a stronger and more united voice to further common objectives and goals to improve the health of women and their families in Canada. The alliance will also focus on improved methods for knowledge transfer from the genesis of ideas through to practical application in clinical and social environments; the seamless continuum of lifelong learning along the career spectrum for undergraduate students, physicians from residency to retirement, allied health care professionals; and the ongoing education and advocacy on behalf of the public towards issues related to women’s reproductive health.

Both organizations are taking all necessary steps required to merge and will continue to follow a stringent due diligence integration process including a thorough review of the financials for a proposed transitional budget in October. Only when all prerequisites are met to the satisfaction of both organizations will the process be finalized. This is expected to occur by the end of the year.

Members will then have their first opportunity to see the new unified organization in action at the first completely integrated SOGC/APOG December Ontario Regional CME in Toronto.  We plan to formally announce the merger and celebrate the expanded and stronger SOGC during the Ontario meeting.

We anticipate that as of January 2018, all communications will come from this one united voice and an announcement will be made to all external stakeholders.

Other changes

• The members of the SOGC voted to expand the Board, and include four new directors from the existing APOG board during this transition period to support the integration.  The board composition and number will streamline gradually following the integration process.

• A new body called the Academic Council will report directly to the expanded Board of Directors. This council will be populated over the coming months and will include representation from the APOG committees, the academic departments, and other SOGC members in support of the strategic directions and educational and research goals for the improvement of the reproductive health of women and their families.

A sincere congratulations to all members,
Michael Bow                           Cathy Popadiuk
President, SOGC                     President, APOG