APOG's WOVEN Submission Criteria

The Women’s Health Online Video Educational Network (WOVEN) is a collaborative initiative that hopes to gather a collection of videos to further Obstetrics and Gynaecology education in Canada.

All submissions must adhere to the criteria listed below. Submissions can be emailed to woven@apog.ca  Authors will receive confirmation that the submission has been received in 3-4 business days. The video will then be peer reviewed by the WOVEN committee. If you have any questions about the submission process please don’t hesitate to contact Carolina Moore, Manager National Office at cmoore@apog.ca 

  1. All videos must be original, unpublished and the property of the authors.
  2. An abstract is required (maximum:150 words) outlining the contents of the video.
  3. Narration may be in English or French. However, videos with 2 voiceovers in both languages are preferred.
  4. Videos may be a maximum of 8 minutes in timing and cannot exceed 350MB.
  5. Videos must be compatible with one of Windows Media Player, Real Player, or QuickTime.
  6. Videos cannot be promotional or commercial in nature. 

Video Structure

Video submissions may include PowerPoint slides, recorded procedures or instructional videos. The goal of each video should be to provide an educational resource on a defined topic for practitioners in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Videos can be targeted towards all different levels of learners from students to staff physicians.

  1. Film title: The title must be meaningful and reflect the topic of the submission.
  2. List of Authors: All authors must have made a significant contribution. Submission may include up to five authors.  The name of each author must appear in a list followed by his or her titles.  For example, John Smith, MD, FRCS.
  3. Case Presentation: Videos that center on a case presentation must include patient permission and the following elements. 
    • Disease definition, etiology, epidemiology, risk factors, clinical features and diagnosis. 
    • Clinical case should include patient age, gender, and past medical and surgical history.  
    • Investigations and images. 
    • Treatment indications and options.
  4. Procedural video:  Videos where the aim is to teach a procedure must include the following. 
    • Clear introduction of the procedure being taught.
    • Steps in the procedure.  
    • A video or pictorial depiction of the procedure with a concurrent explanation.
  5. Credits: The credits can be used to acknowledge contributors to the submission other than the author(s) .
  6. The use of music is discouraged due to the fact that the committee cannot confirm copyright infringement at present.
  7. All  financial disclosures or conflicts of interest must be identified that relate to your video. For example, authors must disclose any endorsements they receive for the devices used within the video.

Submission Check List

  • 150-word abstract of video description
  • Video no longer then 8minutes
  • Video size is does not exceed 350MB
  • Production must play in Windows Media Player, Real Time, or Quick Time
  • Patient consent acquired